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Wish there was a way to create your digital product without all the guesswork?

Say Hello To The Digital Product Starter Kit:

Your step-by-step, get it DONE roadmap to create, launch & sell out your Digital Products Profitably!



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you knows a digital product is the next best step for your business

The fact that it’s a way to...

If only someone gave you a step-by-step, get it DONE roadmap to creating. launching and profiting with Digital Products.

Grace Kalu

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Grace Kalu

Hey!! I'm Grace Kalu

Software Engineer, Ex Banker & Baker, and Abba’s Last Born😄😃

I’m obsessed with Digital Products, Funnels and helping young people. 

I’m also a Business Strategist, who has helped over 20,000 (and counting!) digital entrepreneurs launch digital products simply and successfully, with consistently great results.


I’ve put my skills to work in my own business too, and since 2020, I’ve created multiple online courses, ebooks, masterclasses, workshops, group coaching programs, workbooks, templates and a lot of digital products some which were successful and some which were not so successful.

I was able to scale my income to over $50,000 in the first one year.

Thanks to these digital products, I’ve been able to scale back my active work time and scale up my income.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that going digital and diversifying your income is no longer a “nice to have”… it’s a necessity.

If you’re a consultant, coach, creative professional or content creator, you may not even realize it but you are sitting on a gold mine.

Turning your expertise into a digital product is hands-down the best way to generate a passive revenue and give you the leverage you need to build freedom into your business…. and your life.

The Digital Product Starter Kit is the step by step roadmap you need to create, launch & sell-out your digital products profitably and I could not be more excited for you!

Introducing... The Digital Product Starter Kit:

Your step-by-step, get it DONE roadmap to a brand new, scalable revenue stream with Digital Products!



Here’s a peek at what’s waiting for you inside!

Your Digital Product Creation Roadmap

Creating your first digital product can be completely overwhelming. It’s not like there’s a handbook, right? Well.. now there kinda is. 

This high-level, step-by-step plan tells you exactly what to do first and what to do next until your product is complete. In other words, it’s your ticket to never getting lost or giving up again. 

Your Digital Product Creation Planner

There’s nothing less motivating when you’re bringing your digital product to life than having no idea where you are in the process. 

Enter this printable planner, which is designed to help you track your progress and tick tasks off as you go. 

Your 200+ Digital Product Idea Book

Regardless of whether you’ve kinda sorta got an idea of what you want to create or no idea at all, this comprehensive list of ideas and suggestions will help you get clear on what to offer YOUR unique audience… and the best part is there’s a high chance it involves repurposing something you already have.

9 Simple, Easy-To-Create Digital Products

What if I told you that you could create your digital product in a few hours rather than months? With this list of 9 simple easy-to-create digital products you can have your product ready in less than 24 hours.

34 Digital Product Topic Prompts

Not sure what to teach? No problem. This topic prompt vault will help you pick an idea that you love, is profitable and will help your audience solve their problems.

Audience Questionnaire Cheatsheet

Ever been told to survey your audience but you just don’t know what to ask them? This cheatsheet will take out the confusion from what to ask your audience and help you pick a profitable topic with their help.

Your Plug-and-play Offer Creation Template

This template walks you through the most important components of marketing your offer, so you can easily identify your ideal customer, put together an offer they can’t say no to, articulate the messaging, and map out your content to make sure your customer reaches the promised outcome.

Your Product Pricing Guide

This Guide takes the guesswork out of your product pricing, helping you find a sweet spot that allows you to scale your income, without scaring off your ideal prospect. 

8 Product Name Formulas

This 8 plug-and-play collection of formulas will help you find the right name for your digital product: one that’s clear, good for SEO, and helps you attract the right audience. 

Your Product Naming Checklist​

Rather than staring at a blank page and hoping inspiration will strike, use this checklist to help you name your product easily and effectively. 

10 Positioning Prompts to stand out from your competitors

Worried about how to stand out in a crowded market? These prompts will help you get clear on your positioning so your product is clearly (and perfectly!) differentiated, and speaks to the right people.

Your Profitable Launch Roadmap

Product created and ready to launch? This Guide walks you through the launch process from start to finish, so you can get your product in front of the right people in a way that makes them *excited* to buy. 

And That's Not All

Because I Genuinely Want The digital Product Starter Kit To Give You Everything You Need To Take Your Digital Product From Idea To Launch, You Also Get Access to These Incredible Bonuses, Valued At $197

9 Must-Know Digital Product Creation Secrets

What if I told you there was a way to sell your product before you create it? Or that the price of your product isn’t determined by the amount of content? This video training will put you in motion and keep you ahead of the game, so you can get your product created and ready

Mastering your mindset for digital Business success

Imagine how easily you could create your digital product if procrastination, impostor syndrome, overwhelm and fear weren’t knocking at your door. I can’t promise this training will keep them at bay, but it *will* help you keep moving forward, even when they join the party.

20+ Audience Building Strategies

People buy products and offers and that is why you need to build a buying audience. An Audience of Raving Fans. With these 20+ Audience Strategies you can get started right away.

Profitable Funnel Blueprint

After Creating and Launching your Product, What Next? Automation! With this 48 Pages Profitable Funnel Blueprint, You will learn how to set up your own profitable automated system.

$1000 in 30 Days Workbook

 Whether you’re just starting out or you are already an established Expert and Service Provider, this workbook simplifies the process of making your first $1000 in 30 days step by step and then scaling your income as you do so. As an Expert, I have used these same principles contained in this guide to grow my business to more than $3,000 a month and have helped hundreds of Online Business Owners achieve the same as well.

Access to An Exclusive Community of Creators like you

Got questions or need immediate clarity on something? Need to share a win? Need encouragement on something?

The Digital Creator’s Club is your one stop shop for quality interaction, networking and support from amazing, like-minded and focused creators just like yourself.

Here, you are safe.

To Recap:

When you buy the Digital Product Starter Kit, you get lifetime access to:

Total Value: ₦250,000 ($486)

Standard Price: ₦25,000 ($47)

Today’s Discount Price: ₦5,000 ($15)


How to Make Payment

Or Make a Transfer

Transfer Price: ₦5,000 to 

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB): 


Kalu Grace Chidumaga.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. I'm confident you’re going to be thrilled with The Digital Product Starter Kit and get amazing results!

But I get that every investment is an important decision. That’s why I want you to be feel confident that your purchase will fit your needs, and I figure 3 days is the right number. 

So if you buy The Digital Product Starter Kit today and at any point in the next 3 days you feel like it hasn’t given you amazing value, all you need to do is email me at and let me know and I’ll refund your money.

Are You Ready to create your first (or Next) digital product and scale your income without all the guesswork?



If it’s something you can create and sell without being in it, almost certainly. If you want to make doubly sure, send me an email to confirm. I’d hate for you to take up this offer if it doesn’t give you what you need!

Nope. As long as you know you want all the new opportunities that come with a digital product, you’re in the right place. Check out the Digital Product Idea Book as soon as you’re inside the Digital Product Starter Kit, and you’ll come out of that eBook with clarity on what to build for your audience. 


Yes. Now is the *best* time for you to create your first digital product. When you launch a digital product, it starts to position you as the go-to person in your industry, which helps you to  reach more people, grow your audience and make more profit. Many of my clients also find that they start to attract higher calibre clients for their services too – the kind that don’t haggle your prices!


If you’re super serious about smashing through it, you could work through the Kit in a weekend and have your first digital product up and running in just a few weeks. 

If you can’t commit this much time to it, that’s okay too. You have lifetime access to everything inside the Kit, so you can complete it in at your own pace. 


You could easily have your digital product created and ready to sell in a few weeks (or less – one of my top-selling products took 24hours days to create!)

If the thought of creating a digital product in a week terrifies you, that’s totally fine. You have lifetime access to the Kit, so you can work through it and create your product in your own time.

If you can’t commit this much time to it, that’s okay too. You have lifetime access to everything inside the Kit, so you can complete it in at your own pace. 


Yes it will, I’ve added my Launch Roadmap, Funnel Blueprint, $1000 in 30 days workbook which walks you through my launch process, and my Offer Creation Template, which will help you transform your product into an irresistible offer. 


As soon as you’ve made your purchase, you’ll get an email with login details to Selar , where everything will be waiting for you. You’ll have lifetime access to everything inside, which means you’ll be able to move at your own pace and refer back to all the resources whenever you need.


No problem! Email within 7 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money in full; no questions asked.


Great! Email it to and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 



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