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You KNOW that there is more for your business; and you're RIGHT. Don't give up. LEVEL up.

Our products were built to help you build a profitable business with a profitable brand, successful products and high converting sales systems.

the Online Course Accelerator Self-Study Course

Ready to create, launch & sell profitable online courses in 30 days or less and make $1000 from your course monthly? 

The Online Course Accelerator will teach you how to create, launch and sell an irresistible online course in 30days that is profitable right from the start.

The Course Creation Challenge

Build and Launch your Course in 30 Days Challenge? 

The Course Creator Challenge will help you build and launch your course in 30days.

Course to Launch

Let's work together to birth your profitable course

An Intensive Coaching Experience with support, strategy & Accountability to help you profit from your course in 30days

Whatsapp Marketing Blueprint

WhatsApp has become a major marketing platform to generate daily sales.

It is used by millions of people everyday and it can help you build a loyal fanbase and clients who love to buy from you without the algorithm craze of other social media platforms.

However, like every other platform, there is a science to building and domination..

In this mini-course, you will learn about how to build, dominate and monetize WhatsApp, How to increase your status views, where the money is hiding on WhatsApp and how to make sales daily using WhatsApp.

Personal Branding for Profit

Your Personal Brand is YOU, and you can get paid to be you.

But how you position yourself matters.

You need Visibity & Credibility, to be known, like & trusted as the Go-to-Expert.

This mini-course teaches you how to position your value, clarify your messaging, sell yourself with ease, attract the right clients & grow a profitable online business at the SAME TIME.

Email Marketing For Beginners

Email Marketing is a crucial tool for brands online.

Email Marketing is a tool that helps you build a close-knit community. Your email list belongs to you, unlike social media platforms. 

In this mini-course, you will learn about how email marketing works, how to build your first 1000 email subscribers, what email marketing provider you can start with.

You will also learn how you can get started writing beautiful and high converting emails.

Canva Like a Boss

Design Eye Catching Images, Carousels,  eBooks, Workbook with Canva.

Canva is a Free design platform that you can access via their web and mobile apps. As a content creator,  knowing how to navigate Canva will do wonders for your content online as you will be able to create Youtube covers, Thumbnails, Instagram Posts, Planners, Worksheets, Ebooks, Logos, Presentations, and just about anything that you can think about for your business online.

In this mini-course, you will learn how to use canva to create images, carousels, presentation slides. logos, ebooks and more.

License to Print Money

Ebooks are a great way to build authority in your niche.

If you ask me the fastest way to go from a newbie to creating your first digital product, I will say:

Write your first eBook.

Because you can use the contents of a successful eBook as the foundation of your other digital products.

The License to print money course is course where I cover:
  • How to go from nobody to an authority by writing and publishing your first eBook in 30 days.
  • How to write your book with writing down a single word (Must learn secret)
  • ​The technological tools you need to write and publish your eBook and how to set them up.
  • The business of writing books.
  • How to write your book
  • Editing your book
  • How to set up your Amazon US account (everything depends on this)
  • Checklist of what you must do before publishing
  • How to configure an Amazon KDP setup
  • How to become an Amazon best-selling author
  • How to promote and generate interest in yout book even before you publish it.

Sales Funnels like a Pro

Sales Funnels are Important to bring in sales without having to work everyday, everytime.

Sales Funnels in your Online Business are becoming more and more popular.

It is no longer a case of creating a single onlie product and selling that product. Online Businesses have now realized the potential of increased income with the sales funnels model.

By adding a successful sales funnel to your online business allows you to maximize the sales potential that each customer has. You’ll be making not one sale but multiple sales over and over again.

In this mini-course, you will learn how to build an automated evergreen sales machine that sells your digital product on autopilot even while you’re sleeping.


Her Framework, Her delivery style, Her Follow up has helped me launch my profitable online course. I am greatly indebted to her.

– Emmanuel | Sales Strategist


In the pages of this book, You'll get the Step by Step Guide to CREATING, SELLING & MAKING MONEY FROM YOUR ONLINE COURSE.

You'll gain clarity on what ou can teach, how to package what you know into a profitable course, how to sell your course before it is created and so much more.

Create, Sell, Profit shows you exactly how to take what you already know, turn it into an online course and make at least $1000 consistently every month.

CASH OUT - Turn your knowledge into a Cash Generating Machine

Are you not tired of having Knowledge and Nothing to show for it?

Are you a coach, expert, creator or entrepreneur who wants to make money selling what you know?

The how about I show you how to make $1000 monthly selling your knowledge, skills and expertise.

In the Cash Out book, you'll learn

  • How you can make money from your knowledge
  • How to discover what you know.
  • How to build a tribe who will pay you for life
  • The exact products and services you should cash out from.
  • How to deal with imposter syndrome
  • How to sell your products.
  • How to create content that drives sales

And a lot of other gems hidden in the book

Cash Out will help you turn your knowledge into wealth.

Millionaire Secrets - 24 Lessons from a Millionaire at 24

These “millionaire secrets” are the keys to great success in every area of life, whether you make a lot of money or not. These principles are so powerful that you can apply them to accomplish almost anything you really want.

This book contains lessons from my life and shows documented secrets and principles which has made me millions repeatedly.

These are principles of life, principles to success, and principles of money, I have learnt that you cannot disregard these principles and expect to succeed, however, once you begin to apply them you will begin to see doors and paths open. It’ll appear as though the entire universe is conniving to prosper you.


Working with Grace is a total mindset shift about everything you think you know about Monetizing your Knowledge and Expertise. 

– Praise | Content Creator

Hottest Freebies On The Internet

Want to get a sense of my style first? Amazing, Get one of these freebies.

Cash On Demand

In this guide, I teach you how you Can Make $1000 Selling What You Know

Course Creation Roadmap

In this guide, I teach you how to Create, Launch & Sell Profitable Online Courses even if you don't have a Laptop.

Course Workshop

Learn my approach to turn your Expertise into a profitable course in this 60-minute workshop.

Work With Me.

Would you like to have more support or possibly even outsource your course creation process fully, let's work together!

Grace Kalu

I help Coaches & Creators turn their Expertise into a Highly Profitable Online Course

When I started out, I didn't have a lot of timedidn't have a huge audience and I wasn't sure if anyone would pay for my course, I launched my first online course and it was a huge success.

I've learned a lot since then, created online courses that no one want, learned about profitablity and Ideal Clients and helped others create profitable Online Courses.

Now, one of my superpowers is helping you turn your knowledge, skill and expertise into a highly profitable online course!

After birthing various profitable online courses, I’ve can help you birth yours too.

There are various ways how we can work together, including more of a guidance and coaching in a form of a Strategy call, as well as 1:1 work like course design and setup.

You can take our Done for You Premium Service.

Sounds like fun?

Get Our Bestselling Programs

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Get the Simple Step-by-Step to create, Launch & Sell your Online Course profitably.

Narrow in on your profitable course idea, learn how to get to $1k months the fastest, discover my method to selling your course before it is created, and more. Bring a notebook!

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