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There Are 3 Things You Need To Know To Turn Your Knowledge To Profit...

If People Don't Know, Like & Trust You, Your Knowledge, Skills & Expertise Will Be Useless To Them.

If They Do Know, Like & Trust You But You Don't Create & Sell Profitable Products, You Won't Make Any Income.

If You Do Create & Sell Profitable Products But Have No Sytems to Generate Leads, Nurture Them & Convert Them On Autopilot, You Don't Have A Business.

The Solution?

Clarity + Audience + Offers + Funnels = Profitable Business

But How Do I Get Started? You Are Asking, How Do I set this Up?

Grace Kalu

Hiii!! I'm Grace Kalu

Software Engineer, Ex Banker & Baker and Abba's Last Born 😄😃

I'm obsessed with Digital Products, funnels and helping young people. 

I’m also a Business Strategist, who has helped over 20,000 (and counting!) digital entrepreneurs launch digital products simply and successfully, with consistently great results.


I’ve put my skills to work in my own business too, and since 2020, I’ve created multiple online courses, ebooks, masterclasses, workshops, group coaching programs, workbooks, templates and a lot of digital products some which were successful and some which were not so successful.

I was able to scale my income to over $50,000 in the first one year.

But In 2021, A tragedy Struck and I had to go offline for a long time. My business suffered a big hit and I was forced to learn about systems and structures for knowledge businesses.

Thanks to this unfortunate event, I learnt how to set up my profitable business to run on autopilot by selling digital products with funnels.

I have decided to share the secrets that have worked for me and show you how to turn your knowledge into income, generate predictable profit & build your profitable business that runs on autopilot.


Your step-by-step, Accelerated 5-Day Bootcamp to a turn your knowledge into income, generate predictable profit and build a profitable business that runs on autopilot selling Digital Products with Funnels!


5 Days, 5 Sessions, One Giant Step Towards launch a profitable product.

Day 1: Get Crystal Clear

  • Crush Those Doubts
  • Clarify Your Brand
  • Nail Down Your Profitable Idea
  • Identify Your Perfect Fit Student

Day 2: Position Yourself As The Expert & Build Your Audience

  • Learn How To Build Your Audience
  • Learn How To Set up your irresistible Lead Magnet to add people to your audience.
  • Learn How To Build your high-converting opt-in page
  • Learn How to Create Content that Converts

Day 3: Package & Launch Your Irresistible Offer

  • Learn How to Design Your Profitable Product.
  • Learn How to Differentiate your product from competitors.
  • Learn How to Package your irresistible offer.
  • Learn How to price your product.
  • Learn How To Give your product a Name That Sells
  • Learn How To Launch Your Offer.

Day 4: Automate Your Product

  • Sales Funnels 101
  • Learn The Types of Sales Funnels You Can Use To Automate your Product.
  • Learn The 3S formula for Product Automation.
  • Learn the Key Elements For Product Automation.
  • Learn The Tools & Steps To Build Your Funnel.

Bonus: Day 5: Profitable Product Accelerator

This masterclass will walk you through the everything you need to create, launch & Sell Out Your Digital Products Profitably

  • 5 Crystal Clear Signs You're Finally Ready To Create Your Digital Product.
  • 7 Types Of Digital Products You Can Create Right Now.
  • The Mentor Model And What To Do If You Are Not An Expert
  • The Early Profit System: How To Build A Profitable Business Faster
  • The Kickstarter Launch And Why You Should Do It Today
  • 10 Steps To Create, Launch And Sell Out Your Digital Products Profitably
  • How To Nail Down Your Profitable Idea & Unique Zone Of Genius
  • How To Stand Out In A Saturated Market
  • How To Package An Irresistible That Your Audience Cannot Say No To
  • How To Build A Buying Audience
  • How To Set Up A Profitable Sales Funnel

Do you Love Bonuses?

I mean who doesn't right? I have packaged these Incredible Bonuses, Valued At $97 Just For You!


If you like simple, then this GUIDE will break down the SOLD framework into 10 Actionable Steps you can follow to create, launch and sell your Digital Product faster.

Your Digital Product Idea Vault

Regardless of whether you’ve kinda sorta got an idea of what you want to create or no idea at all, this comprehensive list of ideas and suggestions will help you get clear on what to offer YOUR unique audience… and the best part is there’s a high chance it involves repurposing something you already have.


This explanatory printable workbook will help you get started with the 5 Major Stages of Create, Launch & Sell Out Your Digital Products In 5 Easy Steps and get you started faster

your Profitable Product Planner

Creating your digital product can be completely overwhelming. It’s not like there’s a handbook, right? Well.. now there kinda is. 

This high-level, step-by-step plan tells you exactly what to do first and what to do next until your product is complete. In other words, it’s your ticket to never getting lost or giving up again. 

To Recap:

When you Buy the Digital Product Kickstarter, you get access to :

Total Value: ₦84,700 ($121)

Standard Price: ₦10,000 ($15)

Today's Discount Price: ₦700 ($1)

How to Make Payment

Or Make a Transfer

Transfer Price: ₦700 to 

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB): 


Kalu Grace Chidumaga.


“Ok, Grace… all of this for ₦700 ($1)!? What’s the catch?”

Grace Kalu

Hey, I get it! If I’d seen this offer when I was thinking about building my business to run on autopilot, I’d be skeptical too. 

In fact, I'd think the creator lost their mind (I probably have😁😁)

One of my favourite things about selling digital products with funnels is that they allow me to serve more of my audience (not just my 1:1 clients who have the ability to invest 6-7 figure sums in my expertise). 

I can't promise that this offer will be available for too long though, so I advise you take action now, You might come back tomorrow and the price has gone back to (N10,000) $15.

Ready to Create, Launch & Automate Your Digital product without all the guesswork?



It’s not the ₦700 ($1) price tag that’s stopping you from going ahead...

It’s the persistent, niggling worry that you’re still not ready, and all the tools and insight in the world won’t be enough to move you forward

So let me tell you something I’ve learned about being “ready” just in case it resonates… 

I used to think “ready” was some future state where the sun, the moon, and the stars were going to align, and all of the perfect ideas were going to come to me. 

I used to tell myself:

I’m going to be smarter than I am now.
I’m going to be more confident than I am now.
I’m going to have more money than I have now.

And that’s when I’ll be ready.

But in reality, sitting there procrastinating and waiting for the perfect moment didn’t make me smarter, or more confident, or put more money in my bank account. 

It’s when I took action that all of those things fell into place. 

And chances are you already (see what I did there?) have something you can sell. 

The only thing stopping you from turning your knowledge into profit is you.

Don't wait till tragedy forces you to create, launch and automate your business with digital products & funnels. Take advantage of this one time offer.

So, for the last time… Are you ready to turn your knowledge into an income generating product & build profitable business that runs on autopilot?

Are you Ready to Turn Your Knowledge Into An Income Generating Product & Build A Profitable Business That Runs On Autopilot?

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