30 Days to $1,000 Challenge​

Build & Launch your Profitable Course in 30 Days or Less.

Want to make your first or next $1000 online?

Let me Help you Build & Launch your Online Course in 30 Days and say hello to passive income.

So, You want to create a course so you can make active or passive income But....

You are having problems implementing all you've learnt. You've paid for so many courses but you suck at implementing.

You have tried to launch your online course before and it was a total flop.

You’re have so many questions.yet no one to answer them.

You are scared of selling, you need someone to hold your hand.

You need accountablity and support, you know that you can not do it on your own.

You want to take the shortcut that comes with someone telling you what to everyday and not having to think of what is next.

I Get you and I can help. I'm here to show you EXACTLY how to Build & Launch your Course in 30 Days Step by Step.


Course Creation Challenge

The Course Creation Challenge.

Build & Launch your Profitable Course in just 30 days, so you can make your first (or next) $1,000 monthly. We'll show you how, step by step!

Even if you're not a techie…

Even if you're not sure of what you can teach…

Even if you don't have a lot of social media followers…

Even if you're not sure anyone will pay you to learn from you…

Even if you don't feel like you're good enough to teach…

How the Course Creation Challenge works...

First, you'll find your profitable idea.

A course sounds great, but what do you teach?

What problem is it solving? Who is it for? How long should it be? How many lessons and how much to charge for it? How do you do know if people will buy it?

We'll go through all these and more in detail in the first part of the challenge.

Next, you'll package an irresistible course.

Here, you'll position your course to stand out and attract the kind of clients it is meant for.

Then, you'll craft an irresistible offer around your course.

Then you'll design your course to attract customers who'll be delighted to pay for it.

Then, you'll presell your course.

Here, you'll implement a simple funnel that sells your course offer.

Then, attract and convert your audience to buyers.

Then you'll design your launch plan.

And you'll finally set up systems to receive your student immediately after they pay.

Finally, you'll create your course.

Here, you'll create your course content.

Then, you'll record your course.

You'll also structure your course content to easily train thousands

And you'll finally set up your online school.

Now, Imagine what it will feel like to...

The Course Creation Challenge was created to help you build & launch your profitable course in 30 Days and make your First or Next $1000.

Course Creation Challenge


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Get instant access to over $1,000 in course bonuses to make building and launching your course easier than ever.


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This is How Much You Can Earn...

$10 * 100 people = $1,000

(First time you launch your course)

$10 * 200 people = $2,000

(Second time you launch your course)

$20 * 200 people = $4,000

(Third time you launch your course)

$20 * 200 people = $4,000

(Fourth time you launch your course)


Total Amount: $11,000

You can keep reselling your course over and over again. 



Are you ready to Join The Course Creation Challenge?

You'll be guided step by step to build & launch your profitable course. The challenge covers everything you need to pick and validate your idea, create your lessons and set up the tech and sell your course.

There is so much value in this challenge we should be selling it for at least $997 but we want to make it easy for you to get started, so have made the price super accessible.

Course Creation Challenge

Here's What you're Going To Get: (PLUS ALL BONUSES)

Total Value: ₦750,000 ($1527)

Normal Price: ₦50,000 ($97)

Today's Price: ₦25,000 ($47)



We’re so confident that you’ve love the benefits of the challenge. If you aren’t completely satisfied within the first 7 days, simply send us an email and you’ll receive 100% of your Money-back, no questions asked.

It's time for you to have Accountability & Support to Build and Launch your Profitable Course in 30 Days.

Total Value: ₦750,000 ($1,532)

Standard Price: ₦50,000 ($97)

Today's Price: ₦25,000 ($47)

How to Make Payment

Or Make a Transfer

Transfer Price: ₦25,999 to 

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB): 


Kalu Grace Chidumaga.


Meet The Creator of The Course Creation Challenge.

Grace Kalu

Hiii!! I'm Grace Kalu

I'm fondly called the Queen of Online Courses. I'm Obsessed with everything about Online Courses and helping young people make more money, impact more lives and build great influence. 

In 2020, when the Pandemic struck, I had just gotten 2 offers from jobs that were supposedly “my dream job”.

However, they called me to say they were placing the offers on hold because they were trying to understand the lockdown and everything that came with it.

I was stuck, literally, I knew I needed a fast way out of being broke.

After series of trainings, courses and learning, I decided to teach people what I knew then, which was programming.

I partnered with my friend to organize the training because I was extremely scared. We marketed it for a week, ran ads and sold it. We got about 55 sign-ups. ($550)

Wow! So this internet money thingy is real.😂😂

But selling the training was just one part, the other part was the delivery. I couldn't keep showing up live to teach every time.

I needed a way to teach them without being there, that's when I stumbled on Online Courses.

I was so happy when I was able to create slides, record them and give people access and it worked without me.

I had struck Gold.

I've learnt a lot since then about creating, selling and profiting from online courses and I'll love to share them with you and I have scaled my business to over $40,000.

However, One thing I did not realize when I started was that money was only a small part of the results from sharing my knowledge.

I truly stumbled on a way to not just make money and impact lives but to also build authority, grow influence, help people make money, help people change their lives and still live my best life.

That's why I created the Course Creation Challenge: Not just to show you how you can build & launch your Online Courses in 30 Days and make $1000 but also to give you the accountability, support and step by step framework you need to achieve this..

Frequently Asked Questions About The Online Course Accelerator

Yes you can, Please Use this account details to make payment: 

Transfer Price: ₦25,999 to 

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB): 


Kalu Grace Chidumaga.

then send a message on whatsapp using this link

Or send an email to thegracekalu@gmail.com.

Please note that there is a transaction charge of N999

You can still join the program. Some of my clients don't know what their topic will be and that's why in the Course Creation Challenge, we have a specific module that will help you to get clear about your topic and the specific expertise that you can share with the world.

We designed it as a 30 days implementation challenge program, where you'll need only 2-4 hours per week.

I recommend at least 3 hours per week to learn AND implement but since you have 1 year access to the program, you can go at your own pace and not fall behind. This was designed for busy people! 

Immediately! Once you make payment, you'll receive access to the our online school. 

You can start now and begin working on your course as early as tonight.

This is not MMM (MMM was a ponzi scheme that promised to double people's money…until it went burst).

I have a proven framework that helps people to build and launch profitable online courses. It works if you do the work. Only join if you are ready to do the work please.

Yes, you will need to pay for the software required to host and market online courses.

Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Creators, Experts & Business Owners who are ready to turn their knowledge, skills and expertise into highly profitable online courses that bring consistent income.

People who are not ready to launch an online course in 30 days.

People who are not ready to put in the work.

People who are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.

We have very easy to follow tech trainings to help you do everything and you will also have access to a support community where you can ask questions.

It comes with One-Year access so you can take a break if you'll be out of town, on holiday, or just swamped for a few days. You'll have this resource for an entire year. It will be there when you're ready.

Are you Ready to Build & Launch Your profitable online course in 30 Days?

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