Would You like your create & Launch your digital product faster?


Let's Work Together To Create Your Digital Products & Prepare It For launch In 3 Hours Or Less!!

Join The Digital Product Accelerator Coaching Program

I'll Work With You To Narrow Down Your Profitable Idea, Identify Your Perfect-Fit Student, Package Your Profitable Offer, Plan Your Product Launch & Create Your Profitable Product.

Join The Accelerator Program NOW FOR A ONE-TIME PAYMENT OF JUST ₦10,000 ($27) Instead Of ₦50,000 ($97)

So, You want to create a profitable product so you can make active & passive income But....

I Get you and I can help. I'm here to show you EXACTLY how to Build & Launch your Digital Product Step by Step In A 3 Hour Coaching Session.


The Digital Product Accelerator Program

Build & Launch your Profitable Product in just 3 Hours, so you can starting making active & passive Income Daily.

Even if you’re not a techie…

Even if you’re not sure of what you can teach…

Even if you don’t have a lot of social media followers…

Even if you’re not sure anyone will pay you to learn from you…

Even if you don’t feel like you’re good enough to teach…

How the Digital Product Accelerator works...

You'll Get Access To A 3 Hours Pre-Recorded Coaching Session With Me Where I'll Show You Step By Step How to Create, launch & Profit With Digital Products Using My SOLD Framework.

First, we'll find your profitable idea.

A product sounds great, but what do you teach?

What problem is it solving? Who is it for? How long should it be? How many lessons and how much to charge for it? How do you do know if people will buy it?

We’ll go through all these and more in detail in the first part of the accelerator.

Next, we'll package an irresistible Offer.

Here, you’ll position your product to stand out and attract the kind of clients it is meant for.

Then, you’ll craft an irresistible offer around your course.

Then you’ll design your product to attract customers who’ll be delighted to pay for it.

Then, we'll plan your product launch

Here, you’ll implement a simple funnel that will sell your product offer.

Then, attract and convert your audience to buyers.

Then you’ll design your launch plan.

And you’ll finally set up systems to receive your student immediately after they pay.

Finally, We'll create your Product.

Here, you’ll structure your product content.

Then, you’ll create your product.

And you’ll finally set up your online school to deliver your product.

Now, Imagine what it will feel like to...

What You'll Get In The Accelerator.


Loooooove a good bonus stack? Me too 😉

License to Print Money Course

Personal Branding for Profit

Cash Out - Turn your Knowledge into a cash machine

Canva Like A Boss

The Tech Vault

Genius Mindset Makeover

250+ Profitable product Niches

500+ Profitable Product Topics

Digital Product Tool Book

Are you ready to Join The Digital Product Accelerator?

You’ll be guided step by step to build & launch your profitable product. The Accelerator covers everything you need to pick and validate your idea, package your irresistible offer, plan your launch, create & deliver your product and set up the tech and sell your product.

Here's What you're Going To Get in the Digital Product Accelerator (PLUS ALL BONUSES):

Total Value: ₦709,800 ($1014)

Normal Price: ₦50,000 ($97)

Today’s Price: ₦10,000 ($27)

How to Make Payment

Or Make a Transfer

Transfer Price: ₦10,000 to 

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB): 


Kalu Grace Chidumaga.




We’re so confident that you’ve love the benefits of the accelerator. If you aren’t completely satisfied within the first 7 days, simply send us an email and you’ll receive 100% of your Money-back, no questions asked.

Grace Kalu

Hey!! I'm Grace Kalu

Software Engineer, Ex Banker & Baker, and Abba’s Last Born 😄😃

I’m obsessed with Digital Products, Funnels and helping young people. 

I’m also a Business Strategist, who has helped over 20,000 (and counting!) digital entrepreneurs launch digital products simply and successfully, with consistently great results.


I’ve put my skills to work in my own business too, and since 2020, I’ve created multiple online courses, ebooks, masterclasses, workshops, group coaching programs, workbooks, templates and a lot of digital products some which were successful and some which were not so successful.

I was able to scale my income to over $50,000 in the first one year.

Thanks to these digital products, I’ve been able to scale back my active work time and scale up my income.

Ready to Build and Launch your Profitable Product in 3 Hours?

Join The Accelerator Program NOW FOR A ONE-TIME PAYMENT OF JUST ₦10,000 ($27) Instead Of ₦50,000 ($97)


If it’s something you can create and sell without being in it, almost certainly. If you want to make doubly sure, send me an email to confirm. I’d hate for you to take up this offer if it doesn’t give you what you need!

Nope. As long as you know you want all the new opportunities that come with a digital product, you’re in the right place. Check out the Digital Product Idea Book as soon as you’re inside the Digital Product Starter Kit, and you’ll come out of that eBook with clarity on what to build for your audience. 


Yes. Now is the *best* time for you to create your first digital product. When you launch a digital product, it starts to position you as the go-to person in your industry, which helps you to  reach more people, grow your audience and make more profit. Many of my clients also find that they start to attract higher calibre clients for their services too – the kind that don’t haggle your prices!


If you’re super serious about smashing through it, you could work through the Accelerator in a few hours to a weekend and have your first digital product up and running in just a few days. 


You could easily have your digital product created and ready to sell in a few hours to days (or less – one of my top-selling products took 24 hours days to create!)

If the thought of creating a digital product in a week terrifies you, that’s totally fine. 


Yes it will, I’ve will work you through my Launch Roadmap, Funnel Blueprint, $1000 in 30 days blueprint.

As soon as you’ve made your purchase, you’ll get an email with login details to Selar, where everything will be waiting for you. You’ll have 1 year access to everything inside, which means you’ll be able to move at your own pace and refer back to all the resources whenever you need.


No problem! Email thegracekalu@gmail.com within 7 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money in full; no questions asked.


Great! Email it to thegracekalu@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 


Are you Ready To Build And Launch Your Profitable Product In 3 Hours?

Hurry, Time Is Running Out!!!

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