Hiii! I'm Grace Kalu, Super Excited to Meet You!

I'm a Coach, Creator, Entrepreneur commited to helping experts, creators, coaches & entrepreneurs build successful online course businesses and say hello to freedom!.

There isn’t a one-size fits all approach to building a successful online business, but using online courses and digital products at the core of your business model can create an incredible level of freedom.

And that’s what I’m here for. Your business shouldn’t be your whole life – it should be the vehicle that helps create your dream life and I’m going to help you build it.


Define what your version of success looks like and let’s go after it.

Your Expertise can Elevate your Life.

You Deserve to Get paid for What you know.

Deep in your heart, you're sure that your expertise can benefit many people. If only you could get them to notice you, trust you, and even pay you to help them.

You've heard people talk about making money while they sleep and you want that to but you are not sure where to start from.

You want your Knowledge and Skills to bring in profit so that you can have some freedom in your life to do the things you love but they don't teach this in school, so where do you start and what should you do first?

That's where I come in!

I've helped many people and I can help you too, my process is simple and tested.

You'll clarify your messaging, position and package your skills & expertise in a way that attracts your dream audience, so they'll like, trust and pay what you charge to help them.

You'll create, launch and sell digital products and services so that they can pay you not once, not twice, but consistently, even while you sleep!

You'll Get Visible, Impact lives, Build Influence and make money. You'll be getting paid for what you know and love to do.

There are 3 things i Need you to know now!


If people don't know, like and trust you, they won't listen to you and you can't help them.


If you don't create products and services that solve a specific problem for them, they won't know how to pay you.


If you don't automate your process of bringing in new people, making them know like & trust you and selling to them, you'll get tired and frustrated.



You can't continue to play the Small Game, You’ve been the best-kept secret for too long. You’ve allowed Imposter syndrome to dictate what you’ve done for too long.

It’s time for you to impact thousands and multiply your income because so many people need your help.


Grace Kalu

This Is The Part Where I Tell You A "Grass-To-Grace" Story

But I don't have one and you don't need one.

Yes, I did have an event that forced me to blow off the box in my mind but it isn't a cry story because it led me here.

You don't need a cry story or a Grass-to-Grace story to share your expertise with the world.

If you do have one, then please, by all means, share it!

What you need however is: Clarity on what you do, why you do it, who you do it for and how you do it.

You don't need a fancy story that you made up to show off before you audience, once you think you do it means there is a problem with your who, why, what or how.

You're still here for the story??

Well! Since You are Here, Let me Tell You the Story, You do love a Good Story. Don't you?

Some years ago, I quit my 9-5 because I was tired and frustrated. I had garnered some skills and experiences during my time there but I was unhappy with my life.

I knew I wanted to help people but I didn't know how I could help them. I struggled to find clarity on what my knowledge, skills and expertise where.

I was already a Software Engineer and had ventured into some forms of businesses but I didn't know how to package what I knew for profit.

People often sought my advise on business strategy, brand building and other money making ventures but I was scared of putting a price on my knowledge.

I had fears like who will pay me, I am not an expert, I am not good enough, I am an Introvert, I am a private person, I should not be making money helping people. 

I knew I needed help and then I hired coaches and took courses that helped me deal with my fears and I started building my Brand Online, creating Digital Products and building a Profitable Digital Business.

As a result of Ditching my fears and Positioning & Packaging my Expertise for Profit:

  • I have helped so many people launch their eBooks, podcasts, courses and other digital products.
  • I have written books and published books that have become bestsellers.
  • I have launched profitable online courses and helped thousands of others do the same.
  • I have hosted events with over 15,000 registrations.

I didn't realize when I started that not only was I going to begin to earn more money than I was doing but I would also become a source of inspiration to young people who want to build impact, influence and income.

I have grown my business from struggling to charge at all to earning multiple 8 figures from it!

Most importantly, I have trained over 30,000 entrepreneurs, coaches and creators, 15,000 subscribers and 19,000 community members to build a profitable brand, package their expertise into Products and Services, Impact lives and Make consistent profit all from the comfort of my home. 

You enjoyed the story right? but it's not about my story. It's about what you too can do when you decide to ditch your excuses and fears and Position & Package your Expertise for Profit.

I  know what it feels like to have something to sell, a message you believe in, to know that you did not come to this world to be average, but not know how to go about it.

No matter how good you are at what you do, or how hard you work, you must position yourself as the expert and package yourself in a way that COMPELS your audience to follow you!

They would to love buy your book, take your courses, join your programs and get great results. They would hire you and refer you to their friends.

I've mastered the art of getting people to follow you and buy from you, and I've done it for hundreds of clients. I've helped my private clients earn up to 8-figures through their brands and business. 

What they are saying


Grace helped me map out my profit path, she showed me what knowledge what profitable, how to position myself as the industry leader, how to create content that makes my audience buy, how to package my expertise into profitable products.

Victory - High Ticket Closer


Grace overdelivered. She helped me deal with the mindset blocks and fears I was facing, she worked with me to clarify my message, repackage my personal brand and set up sales systems to bring automated funds to my brand. Thank you Grace.

Chioma - Sales Strategist

Here are 12 things you probably don't know about me...


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Working with Grace is a total mindset shift about everything you think you know about Monetizing your Knowledge and Expertise. 

– Praise | Content Creator

Grace Kalu

About Grace Kalu

By the way, I rarely talk about myself in 3rd person but you know, this is the "professional bio"

Grace Kalu is a Multiple Amazon Bestselling Author, an Award-Winning digital Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Coach, Content Creator and consultant.

She teaches Coaches, Content Creators and Entrepreneurs how to Position and Package their Expertise for consistent profit. Her method is Personal Branding, Digital Product Creation and Sales Funnels.

She is the founder of Skillvest a technology company that helps digital Creators and Coaches become full-scale Entrepreneurs.

She also runs The Grace Kalu Company which births profitable brands by providing business strategy, technology breakdown, Sales consulting, Brand Development and Publishing Services.

Grace considers herself a Nation Builder and lays Her Building Blocks through Writing, Teaching and Speaking. She has a community of over 40,000 across social platforms and trains them daily and weekly.

Her bestselling Book “Create, Sell, Profit” helps you position and package your expertise to build authority, Impact lives and earn consistent profit.

She is also the Creator of “Knowledge to Profit” which is a platform where she shares the secrets and strategies of ptofiting from your knowledge, skills and talents.

Grace's education includes Software Engineering from Decagon, Business Strategy, Product Management from Product School and Bachelor of Sciences in Computer Science/ Information Technology from Caritas University.

As a Business Strategist, she believes that your expertise can solve a problem for many people and you deserve to be paid for it. She believes that your brand & business should be both purposeful and profitable.

Through her digital programs, she has helped students and clients from several parts of the world gain clarity on their expertise, Position themselves as industry Leaders, Package Profitable products, Get visible, Create Global Impact and Make profit consistently. 

When Grace is not working, she is chatting with her family, visiting places she loves, thinking about random things that pop in her head or reading a book. It can be a novel, a motivational or business books.

She enjoys traveling, visiting new serene places and her personal space.



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